Penis enlargement at home

Any man dreams of increasing penis size, regardless of age, regardless of whether a teenager is 12 (13-14) or over 40. Penis enlargement is possible in several ways, but it is important to remember that it will not be possible to radically enlarge the male organ even when having surgery. The video tutorials that can be found on the web mainly talk about how to increase penis length, volume and self-confidence through the means used in the home.

measure a penis before enlarging it using the example of a banana

How to enlarge a penis at home, is it possible to achieve a maximum increase in manhood by up to 5 cm, how long should a man wait for the result and what remedy can be considered universal for the home? This is detailed in the article, as well as photo and video materials with reviews from men and expert comments.

Physical or psychological problem: how to understand a man

The penis is the main organ of a man, it is impossible to argue about it, the size and performance of the penis are even more important than material wealth or social status. This is an indisputable fact, and those men whose penis (in their opinion) does not reach the desired size often develop severe psychological discomfort.

Gradually, dissatisfaction with his reproductive organ turns into serious problems, a man loses confidence in his abilities, self-esteem is undervalued, daily self-eating leads to gradual self-destruction.

Penis enlargement methods are specially developed by specialists for these men who wish to increase penis size and regain self-confidence. But before advising on how to enlarge the penis, doctors will try to determine whether it is as necessary for a man to stretch (lengthen) or add volume to the penis, how physiologically it corresponds to the average, or is it a fleeting whim based on invented (or imposed by) standards. advertising).

So what can be considered the "gold standard" for a penis in men? The infamous 14 cm average or "set" 25, although the latter option, strangely enough, scares women more than it attracts, but, nevertheless, the popularity of penis enlargement methods is growing every year.

How To Increase Penis Size And Is It Possible To Get Penis Enlargement At Home? How effective are these or those methods, how to apply them correctly and whether it is easy on their own and how to enlarge the penis at home - more on that later.

Anatomical aspects: understanding your body

The main characteristic of the penis in men can be considered its greater sensitivity to any external stimulus, another proven anatomical fact is the ability of the penis to "adapt" to the size of the partner's vagina. Here it is necessary to take into account that it must be constant.

What follows from this? Experts say that with a tight vagina, a sufficiently bulky penis can "lose weight" to penetrate the "Holy Holy", but this means that a small penis can gradually adjust to the large size of a woman's vagina, is this real and what Do procedures or video tutorials help make penis growth real at home?

In this case, doctors are forced to declare the existing psychological problem and advise the man to visit a psychotherapist, as this may indicate neurosis (stress, problems at work) or serious disagreements in the family at home.

We analyze all the growing methods

But if a man has not stopped wanting to enlarge his penis, the idea has been "maturing" for a long time and his decision is not disputed, the doctor can advise the most rational ways to enlarge the penis at home. Most often, this is a combination of several options, including massages, creams, ointments, a pump, weights, and an old-fashioned folk method (herbs).

In fact, there are only two ways to increase a member:

  • methods of home augmentation.
  • Surgically in the hospital.

The latter option cannot be considered a way to quickly increase the penis, in addition, there must be medical indications for the operation, and not just a man's desire to increase the phallus by another centimeter in length and volume. Reviews of patients and doctors show that surgery will not give a spectral 3-5 cm, the maximum you can count on is 1-1. 5 cm.

Today, for men, home methods have become particularly popular, with which it is possible to increase the penis, lengthen, add volume or force the flow of blood at the right time if the erection is not sufficiently stable.

To independently understand all the nuances of using this or that method, it is necessary not only to read the paper version of the instructions, but also to watch a thematic video describing in detail whether it is possible to increase the penis, how to quickly increase sensitivity and how ideally the phallus will increase when using different options used at home.

The most popular and effective ways:

  1. Penis enlargement massage at home.
  2. Jelqing.
  3. Weights (weights).
  4. Special features (extender, vacuum pump).
  5. Cosmetics (penis enlargement spray, ointment, gel).

Each of the methods has its advantages and disadvantages, so it is advisable to get acquainted with each of them from a specialist or watch thematic videos. Stretching and volumizing will not be complete if the man ignored the important aspects of using the methods at home and did not take into account the contraindications.

FAQ: Everything you need to know

At an appointment with a urologist, men often ask questions about how it is possible to actually increase the penis at home (by 3-5 cm or more), how long the effect will last (day, week, year). This is especially true of medicines, folk remedies and dietary supplements.

What is the most efficient way?

Doctors cannot give a definitive answer, it all depends on the type of effect a man wants to achieve (lengthening or increasing volume). How well follow all the advice. As a rule, a more stable result is obtained in a combination of mechanical methods and external agents.

When to expect the result?

The use of ointments, creams, sprays or gels is usually designed for a short-term effect. The result will be noticeable a few minutes after application and the effect lasts up to 2-3 hours.

Jelqing, mechanical devices will give results in 2-3 weeks, but will keep a lasting effect.

If you use all home methods, will the effect be greater?

No, you can not categorically use the "thirteen methods" at the same time, you can cause irreparable injuries and instead of penis enlargement, get the opposite effect.

Is penis enlargement at 14 acceptable?

You should not do this, as there is a possibility of disrupting the natural growth and formation of the genital organs.

Is it possible to increase a penis forever at home?

It is possible, as most methods focus not only on increasing blood flow to the penis, but on achieving a stable result.

A properly elongated and voluminous member keeps its shape forever, the important thing is to do everything with enviable perseverance and patience, watch video tutorials, follow all the advice of a urologist.