How to enlarge the penis in adolescence

Before thinking about how to enlarge a teenager's penis, what methods to use, it is necessary to understand if there is a need for it.

Active growth and development of the genitals begins at the age of 10 - 12 years. In some boys, by the age of 13-14, the genitals have grown, formed, and are able to fertilize an egg. These are rather special cases: the penis normally grows up to 20 years.

What influences development

Genetics have a great influence on the teen's penis. To understand what your penis size will be, how puberty was like, it's worth asking your dad.

To improve the course of physiological processes, a boy needs to eat a lot of protein foods, play sports and avoid bad habits.

sports and penis enlargement

The genital organ of a teenager reaches its maximum length, as a rule, at the age of 17-18, then it thickens, increases in diameter.

The process of growth and development ends completely at the age of 20, with delayed development at the age of 25.

The average penis size for a Caucasian man is 13-16cm.

The main factors affecting the size:

  1. The level of male hormones - testosterone - produced by the testicles.
  2. Genetic predisposition to a certain size and shape.
  3. The amount of fatty tissue in the body. Obesity adversely affects the hormonal background, slows down the development of the genitals. Hypotrophy also inhibits the growth of a teenager's penis.
  4. Malnutrition: with a small amount of protein, a deficiency of essential amino acids, vitamins, zinc and other trace elements, the growth of the genitals slows down or decreases.
  5. Bad habits in adolescents: smoking, drug addiction, substance abuse, alcohol have a bad effect on the development of the genitals and other organs.
  6. Severe chronic, endocrine and hereditary diseases lead to metabolic disorders.
  7. Injury to the reproductive system, craniocerebral can affect the neurohumoral development of the child, stop the growth of the genitals at some point.
  8. Ecology. In chemically polluted regions, there is a decrease in the size of the male reproductive organs compared to "clean" cities.

Medium sized

The size of the penis is individual and genetically determined. Do not panic if a teenager has differences from the table data: there are approximate sizes.

If the size of the penis deviates significantly from those indicated in the table, the parents of the teenager can consult an andrologist. After collecting the anamnesis and examination, hormonal drugs that accelerate growth can be prescribed.

Self-administration of hormones is categorically not recommended, as it can lead to the opposite result, cause adolescent impotence !!!

At what age should you start enlarging your penis?

It is better not to interfere with the natural development of the penis, not to affect it in adolescence, while there is an active process of growth and development of the reproductive system - puberty. It usually lasts up to 17-18 years, then the activity decreases.

In some adolescents, active puberty lasts up to 19-20 years. After the penis has stopped growing in length after the age of 18, steps can be taken to enlarge it.

Basic exercises

NPL is a natural penis enlargement. As the name suggests, penis growth with this technique occurs naturally, without surgery and hormones. The teenager performs the described manipulations at home alone!

The same nupers limit the age for starting classes to eighteen.


A centuries-old folk technique for enlarging the phallus among the inhabitants of Africa and India. It consists of simple massage movements with the hands along the shaft of the penis, aimed at increasing blood circulation in the penis. The basis of the technique is the Jelq movement - in the milking of the translation. It will allow you to increase the length, girth of the penis, increase the hardness of the erection.

the banana symbolizes an increase in a teenager's penis


The relaxed organ is stretched with circular, pulsating movements, others to increase its length.

Suspension of loads

This exercise is for the formed penis only. Very traumatic!

hang a load on a teen's penis to increase

The weights are suspended over the penis. It is necessary to possess skills and a good hanger, to properly wrap the organ before manipulation. Increase the weight gradually.


The erect penis is bent left and right, back and forth. It is necessary to start with slight curves, then, week after week, the amplitude and time of exposure are increased.

Using a pump

The method is ambiguous, the result is different for everyone. According to reviews, it doesn't help anyone at all, while someone sees penis growth almost instantly. It is best to combine this method with other LLP practices. The pump increases the erection, aims to increase blood flow to the corpora cavernosa of the penis.

penis enlargement pump for teenagers

Clamp application

Only after several months of preparatory training!

Locking is an extremely dangerous method used to increase the diameter. The penis must be well prepared in advance. They begin to manipulate after a few months of regular jelqing.


  • the penis is brought into semi-erection, the base is wrapped with a cloth or elastic bandage, then a forceps is applied to the tissue, tightened;
  • they bring the organ to 90-100% of an erection, keep it in this state for five to ten minutes, while the penis swells in size.

Kegel exercises

Frontal-coccygeal: This muscle can hold back the flow of urine when urinating. The exercises are aimed at:

  • voltage;
  • tension retention;
  • muscle relaxation at different rates. Time is gradually increased.

They improve potency, increase erection, help maintain control over ejaculation during intercourse.

exercises to enlarge the penis of a teenager

Basic tips for beginners

You have to start any manipulation or training gradually, with small loads! Alternate a training day with rest days. If there are injuries in the course of training, all exercises are stopped for a while.

  • As a result of jelqing, blood is chased from the base to the apex of the shaft of the penis and spreads out in the shape of a "baseball bat". The top will be wider. This is fought with the help of dangling, by increasing the base of the penis.
  • Before performing penis enlargement techniques, it is necessary to carefully measure the penis, take a photo to monitor the growth results.
  • They measure it 1 - 2 times a month, write it in a diary, where they indicate the general training plan for the current time - write the NUP program.

How to do jelqing:

  • use petroleum jelly or oil for better smoothness, no soap!
  • the penis is first brought to 40% erection (with a time of up to 70% erection) and "milked" - moves the blood along the trunk from the base to the head, grasping the penis with the grip of the OK - thumb and index finger ;
  • when the fingers reach the head, with the other hand they grab the base with a grip on the OK and begin a new movement, only after they release the first hand;
  • the movements do not stop for a certain period of time. The penis should swell during the massage.

When orgasm approaches, the exercise is stopped. Do this massage - jelqing - for about 10 minutes. Over time, the compression force increases over time.

How to lengthen your penis:

  • the index finger and thumb grab the penis (at rest, without erection) a little beyond the head so that the toothbrush is on top;
  • moving away from oneself, helping with the other hand;
  • hold for 30 seconds;
  • therefore for 5 approaches;
  • every week, the retention is increased to one minute, the number of approaches is up to 6-7 or more.

Kegel exercises:

  • Contract the PC muscle, as if trying to maintain urination, hold it for 5 seconds. Gradually increase the waiting time to 30 s;
  • straining the LMB as if trying to "go to the bathroom faster". Hold for 5 seconds;
  • try to alternately stretch / relax the sphincter and pubic muscles separately.


Warming up is mandatory to increase elasticity and reduce penile injuries.

  1. Hold the penis under a stream of hot water for five minutes (no more than ten).
  2. Special tools, such as a heating bag with salt. It's easy to do: the salt is poured into a sock, heated on a battery or in the microwave for 30 seconds. or more, sometimes rice is used instead of salt. The pouch is applied to the penis and pubic area.

A set of exercises for a beginner

Penis enlargement exercise programs are different, you have to choose what suits a particular person best. If a teenager is a complete "kettle", does not know where to start, you can start with this program, adapting it "for yourself".

  1. 5 minutes. mandatory heating under water or a heated salt bag.
  2. 5 minutes by stretching the penis in different directions. Five half-minute sets with breaks in between. Gradually, the number of approaches is increased, the total time is up to 10 minutes.
  3. Jelq, start at one hundred for 3 seconds. each, gradually increasing up to 300 movements. Bring the jelqing to 30 minutes.
  4. Warm up again for up to five minutes.
  5. 10 Kegel exercises. Hold each LMB contraction for five seconds. Gradually increase the amount to 50 and more, also the retention time.
  6. Timetable: two days of lessons, one day of rest.

Exercise time gradually increases! It will take 6 weeks, for some it will take longer. When you are hurt, take a break.

Nutrition and vitamins

Perhaps parents, especially fathers, want to know how to grow a big penis for a baby. If there is no genetic predisposition to a large penis, it is difficult to expect a giant size, however, genetics can also be changed.

To increase the size of the penis and the good development of the endocrine system (affects the production of testosterone), building materials are needed: trace elements, essential amino acids, vitamins.

Foods that have a beneficial effect on teen penis growth:

  1. Food of animal origin, containing a lot of proteins: meat, eggs, cottage cheese - a building material for muscles, hormones.
  2. Seafood - fresh fish, shrimps, oysters, caviar - are rich in proteins, omega acids, biologically active substances. They contain a lot of zinc, which is necessary for the development of the genitals, the production of testosterone and ensure full spermatogenesis.
  3. Nuts: almonds, walnuts. Contains proteins, fatty acids, fat-soluble vitamins, microelements.
  4. Bananas, avocados, melons, apricots, carrots, pumpkin, mangoes, berries - normalize metabolism, many carotenes that provide hormone production, the development of nerve endings, vitamins.
  5. Vegetables, especially celery, promote the production of male hormones, vitamin C is involved in all metabolic processes, zinc.
  6. Buckwheat porridge and pearl barley. It improves digestion and blood circulation in the pelvic organs, promotes blood flow to the penis and its growth. Contains zinc and other trace elements.
  7. Vegetable oils of olive, sesame, linseed. They cleanse toxins, help the assimilation of vitamins, contain omega acids necessary for the construction of cells and their regeneration.
  8. Honey, beekeeping products. A source of a huge amount of biologically active substances, vitamins, microelements.

Baked goods, fatty foods, sweets and soft drinks are not shown to the growing man at all. The substances necessary for the active development of the hormonal system and the growth of a teenager's penis are not there and the calories of such foods tend to be stored "in reserve"!

With proper and varied nutrition, physical activity necessary for the development of the circulatory system, to supply oxygen and nutrients to the organs, it is possible to achieve natural growth of the penis.